Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Military Newlyweds.

I have only been a Navy wife for a short time, but 
have already learned a few hard things. 
First off, by saying "I do" to being the wife God made me to be to my SailorI also said I do to the following... 
  • Leaving my home state and moving across the country.
  • Having to learn how to be a housewife, without my mom down the street for help.
  • Learning how to cope being away from my family and friends.
  • Saying goodbye, yet again, to my Hubby as he leaves days at a time, sometimes weeks, and lately months
  • Having to squish my own spiders, millipedes, and         NASTY cockroaches.
  • Reaching out to other women who have gone through all of this.

Because of these "I Do's", I have found some good ways to cope without crying every night and laugh through each day. 
Here are just four of them!


Your relationship with God will flourish while you are on your knees. Find a good church home to plant your feet in on Sunday mornings. Find some Christian women to hold you when your family back home can't. And find that God is the best ingredient to a long lasting, happy marriage. 
Ecclesiastes 4:9-12 


The telephone is your best friend. Whether it is to have a conversation with Scott, listen to his voicemail, or to call family & friends. I always have my phone on me to capture these precious moments. [I do secretly, okay not so secretly, wish we still used old vintage phones, in addition to our cell phones.] 


Mallow really is my best friend when Scott isn't here. 
She lets me "dress" her up all cute, plays with me, and lets me cuddle her. Pets are a perfect way to make you realize that you aren't all by yourself. I might even have conversations with her. Might.

My parents are my best friends. My in-laws are amazing. 
I am just one blessed girl!
I love the family that I have and I love the family that I married into. Family should be your comfort zone. Strive to better relationships and pursue new ones. When I am down and need a pick-me-up, my family always comes through and cheers me up. 
Parents are your best support group. 

This has been on off day, so it was good to remember some of the ways I have learned how to cope. :] 

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