Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Welcome home!!

Husband is HOME. 

Yes, yes I am an extremely happy wife! Scott is training for his deployment next year and this training lasted a loooooooong month. BUT, he is finally home for a little while and I am going to take advantage of any minute spent with him. 

I love getting butterflies in my stomach, and they definitely were fluttering around as I drove to go pick up my Hubby. I was just a liiiiittle nervous. I love that even after we are married, I still get butterflies. And I still get the opportunity to experience our "first kiss" over and over again. 
Even if we do have to be apart, it makes being together just that much more special. We have gone through many, many homecomings and months apart, but this time was different. 

This time we are married.
This time we both have rings on.
This time we are going back to OUR home.
This time we can fall asleep in each other's arms.
This time we can wake up to each other in the morning.
This time we can have dinner and cuddle in our home.
This time was the best time!

Mallow and I have done a few things around the house to surprise him and I can share a few! ;] 

I wrote this letter from us to be the first thing that he saw & then signed with with love from both of us.
{Mallow's paw may have had ink all over it for a while ha, she's a good sport!}

The house was SUPER clean, I thoroughly cleaned his car for him, and decorated the home for Autumn. He was so happy to be home and was grinning from ear to ear. :]

Mallow attacked Scott with kisses for literally twenty minutes. She would not get off of him or leave his side. 
My heart was full seeing her remember her daddy!

Last week Scott called me and told me that he had a dream of cooking me steak for dinner when he got home. 
So, he made it happen! [Yay me!!]
I took pictures of him grilling, but he didn't want me to share any of them. {Maybe because I had him wear my apron with his jeans [; }
Yummy steak, sweet potato fries, salad, & monkey bread. 

We shared dinner, just the two of us, candlelit. 
It was so romantic.
Praying, holding hands, sharing what has been going on.

Then cuddled on the couch, watched football, & headed to bed.
 My cute Mama-in-love gave me this cute idea! 

In honor of 9.11 
I can't believe that it has been twelve years. 
Please say prayers for the families who lost love ones that day.
Also, pray for the family who has loved ones fighting today.
And those who continue to fight for us.

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  1. Love it, Kass! Ben is sometimes gone for only one day and I can barely stand it and all those feelings you described I feel too. It's so fun being in love. xoxo

    1. I swear I replied to you, it must have deleted it or something?! Yeah... the feelings are hard! Especially when he's gone for months :/ Oh yes! yes, yes yes it is so fun being in love! Especially when it's with the right man! ;] xx


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