Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Being a Godly Wife.

I was thinking of what I should do a post on. I wanted something really touching, interesting, and motivational. But today has been pretty uneventful. Wake up, get car's oil changed, take Mallow on a little car ride, skype, sweep and vacuum, and get ready for a military wife social. I decided to take a break on go on pinterest. Brilliant idea

I came across this post about how to be a Godly wife. I absolutely love advice and since I am new to being a wife, the Bible is the best place to start! This woman took time, dedication, soul-searching, and honesty to write what she believes are some ways to be a Godly wife. I loved every bit of it, which is why I want to share the whole thing! You can find it here. Thank you Butler, Party of 2!

1. Keep God first, your husband second.
Your relationship with the Lord should ALWAYS take priority in your life, and you should always be striving to seek Him. When you do that, the rest of your priorities are more likely to be in order. Make time for quiet time, reading the Word, and spending time in prayer so you can have the right heart and attitude throughout the day. And notice who comes second. Not you (selfish). Not your parents, family, friends, kids, job, hobbies, etc. Your HUSBAND is next. God wants it that way for a reason. A lot of households are out of order because lots of wives put their children before their spouse, and that is not the way that God designed the family. Eventually, children leave. God entrusts them with us temporarily to raise up in a Godly home, so they can go out and multiply and do the same. But that’s just it…..they leave, and you are left with your spouse. That’s why so many marriages crumble when the kids are grown…because couples lose sight of focusing on their own relationship and marriage and make the kids the sole priority. Kids LOVE to see their parents in love (even if they act like they don’t). It is really beneficial for them to see displays of affection and parents honoring one another and putting one another first. It teaches them the foundations of marriage so they will hopefully duplicate that healthy relationship in the future. It is our job to set a Godly example of marriage for our kids and model for them the type of marriage we hope for them to have. Be the kind of wife you want your daughter to be, and the kind of wife you want your son to marry.

2. Understand the covenant.
Marriage is not a promise, a contract, an agreement, or anything temporary. It is a covenant, and covenants are NOT to be broken. When you say your vows, you are vowing not only to your husband, but also to God and before Him. I have a copy of our wedding vows in my Bible, and I pull them out and read them sometimes. It’s such a good reminder. The Bible says it is better to not make a vow at all than to make a vow to God and break it. In a society where divorce is the easy answer and common practice, we seem to have lost the understanding of the seriousness of marriage. It is not meant to be a rash decision made based on emotions or feelings. And divorce is not an easy way out like we think it is. God developed marriage, and it is so precious to Him. He chose your spouse for you before you were even born!! He hand-picked that person especially for you, and you especially for him! Is that not the coolest thing?? (I seriously tear up every time I think about that!) That is why I always teach my SS girls they don’t have to go out seeking a spouse. If they stay in His will, He will put that person RIGHT in your path. That’s how so many of us end up with ‘baggage’ and regrets….we try to force our own future rather than trusting God and His perfect timing. Now, does that mean it’s going to be easy?  No. Marriage is work, and God expects us to put effort into it. When things get tough, that’s time to cling to Him, the Word, and each other. Not time to bail.

3. Submit.
Oh boy, here we go. I can remember being a little girl (probably middle school age) and  hearing someone tell me the Scripture in Ephesians that calls women to submit to their husbands. My reaction then was much like most women, and like the world’s view of submission. I remember saying “There is NO WAY I’m going to be some man’s slave and stay at home and cook and clean for him!” It was not until I sat through a Bible study on the book of Ephesians that I truly understood submission. Submission is not meant for bad…it’s meant to give us more freedom actually. We have such a negative connotation of the word because we do not fully understand it. We are called to submit to our husbands as to the Lord. Another reason our households are so out of order is because so many women are trying to rule the roost and wear the pants in their relationship. That is not how we’re made or equipped. Even if you have a ‘stronger’ personality than your husband, HE is still called to be the leader of your home. This is how I was taught, and this visual clicked and made perfect sense. The husband’s job is to be the spiritual leader of the home… protect from the enemy and to provide for the family. He is to stand in the doorway of the home with the whole armor of God on to keep the enemy out. The wife’s job is to be inside the home, supporting her husband by managing the household and praying for him. God did not equip women to fulfill the man’s role, and vice versa. I know we live in a very feminine society, and I am not saying we’re not meant to be 50/50. (Actually, I believe marriage is 100/100!). I’m saying God equipped each of us to have a role within marriage and the family, and when one is trying to serve in the other’s role, things are out of whack from the way God designed it to be.

4. Speak edifying words only.
Women are the world’s worst to get together and “husband bash” …and almost have a competition to see whose hubby has the worst faults. It is NOT acceptable to talk negatively about your husband. No excuses. We should always speak edifying words about him and be building him up to others (even if there are things about him that drive you BONKERS!!). It is so tempting to get sucked into that. YES, all of our men do things that drive us crazy. However, by nagging them or complaining to our girlfriends about it, that is NOT going to make him change. We especially have to be careful talking negatively about our spouse to our family….because it can change their opinion of them, and there is no undoing that. Sometimes we just may be mad temporarily, but that is not something they can erase from their minds as easily. Always, always talk to God about it before you open your mouth to anyone else. Lots of times you’ll see that is enough “venting” to make you feel better. Do not tear your husband down to his face or behind his back. And on that note, it IS okay to PRAISE your husband. If he works hard, let him know you appreciate it. If you love that he always makes your coffee, give him some praise for that. If he’s an AWESOME dad, let him know you think so. Whatever it is that you love or appreciate about him, TELL HIM. (It’s funny how that works…men seem to thrive off praise and it makes them want to do more good things for you!)

5. Manage the home like the Proverbs 31 woman.
6. Do it anyway.
There are lots of things we don’t want to do, and even though we enter into marriage claiming unconditional love, our actions reflect a very conditional basis. We want to cook him dinner when he does nice things for us first. We only want to compliment him when he compliments us. If he doesn’t do this, we won’t do this….That’s not how it works. Your husband may not always be fulfilling his role, but that is between him and God. It i s NOT our job as wives to correct or discipline our husband. We are not his mama. We are his wife. His helpmeet. His companion. You should do things for your husband because he is your husband, NOT because of things he is or isn’t doing for you. Of course it’s easier to want to do nice things for him when he seems to notice and appreciate them, but he may not. Do them anyway, because ultimately you are seeking to please the Lord, so think of it as being obedient in serving the Lord if nothing else. Serving your husband on a conditional basis is selfish and immature, and that does not honor or glorify God in any way.

7. Communicate.
He is not a mind reader, and it’s not fair to expect him to know or understand your wants/needs or what you’re thinking if you don’t TELL HIM. This is such a simple concept, but so many disagreements result from a lack of communication. Learn to communicate with him. Ask him questions. Listen. And don’t nag/fuss/yell. TALK. Like a normal person.

8. Remember the 80/20 principle.
Do not put yourself in compromising positions. The grass may be greener on the other side, but that’s because it’s being fertilized with poo. You married your spouse because he probably had about 80% of the qualities you wanted in a man. Lots of affairs happen because people are seeking to find someone else to fulfill that 20% their spouse is lacking, and they don’t realize the 80% they are throwing away in doing that! If you will focus on building up your husband for that 80% and focus on his STRENGTHS (rather than focusing on the 20% & weaknesses….nagging, trying to change him, etc.), you will both be SO much happier. Be content with what you have. It’s all about your attitude and perspective…think about what you are choosing to focus on. If you are constantly telling him things he is doing wrong and things you wish he’d change or do differently, you are tearing him down. It may help to write out all the things you love about your husband. If you don’t have a very long list, maybe you should blame that on the person in the mirror. After all, you’re the one who married him, right?

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9. Strive to please him.
This is tough for us girls too. We are SO selfish and self-centered, we are ALL about ME and what others can do for us. We think we ‘deserve’ so many things.  Imagine how happy it would make your husband if you tried to cook meals he likes, talk about and take interest in things that interest him, and do things with him that he likes to do. He would probably be tickled to death!! Yes, you may HATE watching basketball, but that’s not the point. The point is the man  you love loves watching it. When you are willing to sacrifice with the small things like that, I truly believe that helps his love grow deeper for you and it will return tenfold in some way. This also means taking care of yourself. Exercise, eat healthy, and try to dress up for him sometimes. No, I’m not saying you have to be a little trophy wife, but if you take care of yourself, you’ll feel more confident and desirable, and you will both benefit from that. Lots of women “let themselves go” after getting married and having kids. (I know, lots of husbands do that too…I don’t think that’s okay for them either). I want to take care of myself.

10. Cover him in prayer.
We should pray for our husband No excuses, ever.  He NEEDS your prayer. Think again about his role as the head of the household. Since marriage is so sacred to God, you know the enemy is going to be constantly trying to attack, which means our husband is constantly going to be battling spiritual warfare. He needs for you to cover him in prayer daily to help him stay strong. Be his prayer warrior! 

 I truly believe if we focus on being the BEST wives we can be for our husbands, God will honor that and your husband will step his game up as well. Even if he doesn’t, our goal should be to live a life that is holy and pleasing to the Lord. If nothing else, do it out of obedience to Him.

See, I told you it was good advice! You're welcome for sharing. Now, go plan a date with your handsome hubby! 

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Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Festivities!

On Friday, we were going to go fishing...but it hasn't been the best weather. So we decided that we would go to dinner and to Monsters University! I was so excited. As we were getting ready, I heard that jingle that only comes from an
ice cream truck! I hurried and found Scott to tell him that I've never experienced an ice cream truck [which coming from my mother and aunt-I have before when I was little], so he grabs me and we start running after it. The lady probably thought we were retarded! But we got our ice cream! Deliciousness. The movie was SO good. It definitely is worth watching and I guarantee you will laugh! I might add that you will absolutely be surrounded by little kids, which is half the fun! I love when the Hubby and I have 'little kids' date!

The rest of our weekend was just hanging out with our little miss! Playing, playing, walking, sleep. Playing, playing, sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. But no sleep for mommy and daddy. She's worth it! We gave her her first bath, which she loved hated... But she is so fluffy and adorable. We also took her to the vet, one healthy puppy! 

We also got her dog tag. Scott might be regretting that we got a girl puppy because I am definitely treating her like the princess she is... girl colors and accessories! [I might have even tried to paint her nails,which was working until she starting throwing a fit.] 
Scott and I attended Discovery International Church for the second time this Sunday. We really enjoy the worship and the message, well just the fact of being at church! God is so good and we are lucky to have found a church that has been welcoming and reminds us of our churches back home. We can't wait to jump right into bible studies and be around christian couples!

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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Adding four feet to our family!

Scott and I decided to add four puppy paws to the family! 

Our journey started when we decided that I needed a play mate to keep me company when Scott is gone for trainings and deployments. So we looked around, but only found big dogs. Then, like we've done twice before, we had to have puppy therapy. So we went to the pet store and played with this  little miss [a Maltese mix]! And my adorable husband said we could get her. Yes, I do have the bestEST husband in the! We both fell in love with this little one from the beginning and she's even cuter in our home!

 We named her Mallow because she looks like a little toasted marshmallow. She already has a unique personality, she's spastic and likes to creep around and pounce like a cat!

I think we will keep her. 
Look at that face... Oh yeah, we will definitely be keeping her!
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One month down, 50+ years to go!

          I had a little fun when I was trying to think of how to celebrate our first month anniversary. Surprise nerf gun fight. YES! 
So when Scott came home, this is what he found!  

Of course, I won. ;] I kinda cheated, I was the one hiding and he had to come find me. I was hiding behind the curtain in the shower and when he opened the bathroom door, I wasn't looking where I was aiming and hit him straight in the eye. Needless to say, the game paused for a little bit...then it was on again! It ended in a draw, in which I still won! :]

Then we planned a romantic, candlelit dinner and a movie.
 Awe, pure marriage bliss. 

I can't believe that it's already been a month since I walked down the aisle to promise my life to Scott Adam Cummings. THE bestest day in my entire life! I wish I could re-live that perfect day over and over and over again

I asked Scott to give me five reasons why he loves being married so far and this is what he came up with:
1] I love coming home more than anything. Getting out of the stress and being loved makes life worth living for.
2] Waking up next to my best friend everyday gives a little excitement needed to open some sleepy eyes.
3] I love cooking with my wife. If that's all we do that night it's still relaxing and enjoyable.
4] I love getting to know her. Not being afraid to tell each other anything. The trust factor stays strong and growing.
5] I get to spend time with my best friend daily. That's the most rewarding part of being married for me. Even as a baby to the marriage thing, I love that we still have that relationship and vowed to not let that deminish.

My reaons?!
1] I get to experience moment after moment with my best friend. Something that often gets taken for granted, but Scott and I know how it is to be away from each other. That blur of distance made us such a strong couple and strengthened our relationships with God. 
2] One word: CUDDLES! I absolutely love being held by Scott. I used to crave being held by his strong arms while we were apart, and now I get it! 
3] We love to spoil each other. Whether it be waiting by the door every single day to greet him with kisses and hugs, date nights, making cookies, bringing home flowers for no other reason than "You're my wife". I think we want to express that even more because we couldn't for so long. 
4] Making me not want him to leave in the mornings, and making him want to rush home after work. 
5] Being a family together. We are both family people, which is hard being so far away from Utah. Scott and I have to rely on each other more because we are the only family we have right next to us. Although it's hard, it is such a blessing in disguise for Scott and I!

One month down with a lifetime of love ahead of us!

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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

It's a fishing and watching fireflies kind of night...

Scott and I found the perfect fishing spot. I decided that it's going to be my getaway spot, since I don't have my mountains anymore! But really, how gorgeous is this place!?
We went fishing with a couple of Scott's buddies last night, had a picnic, and found catfish, turtles, and fireflies. It was definitely the most relaxing place that we've found. After fishing a little bit, I just sat on these amazing rocks (made completely of shells) and just took in everything around me and thanked God for the little things. 
Sometimes it really is all about the little things in life.


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Thursday, June 13, 2013

First week in North Carolina through pictures

First week in the beautiful land of North Carolina...
The beach on base, fifteen minutes away!

First family dinner at the Cumming's house!

Mummy Dearest and myself.

Such an adorable couple.

Tryon Palace. New Bern.


Boat tour of Wilmington.

Surf City. Breathtaking.

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A home isn't a home until you can write "I love you" in the dust!

I just have to do a quick shout out to my lovely parents, for without them, we wouldn't have the house put all together. While the hubs went to work, we went shopping and put all of my decorations up. It is so nice to come home and feel like it's a home, not just a house.  

I have been looking forward to having my own home for such a long time. I'm sure Scott could tell because I was in "home-maker" mode for the first while. But the house is a home-y feel and is perfect!

So, welcome to the Cumming's humble abode!  

Our bedroom

Our screened porch, I love sitting out there!

Lucee is a bit spoiled, her room!

Hallway and stairs to the upstairs bedrooms and bathroom

Our living room :]

Our TV set up!

Our photo wall. I can't wait to get wedding pictures to put up!

Our dining room, already so many memorie!

My favorite little corner in the kitchen...:]

Laundry room!

My flowers and strawberries.

My gorgeous flower! Funny fact: They close to go to bed each night and bloom again each morning. 

Back home, my parents have the best garden. This is my start! Tomatoes and cucumbers.

Thanks again to my parents and my loving husband! I love our first home together and am so glad that my Mom and Dad could come experience the beautiful North Carolina with me! 
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