Tuesday, February 2, 2016

B A B Y || C U M M I N G S

C U M M I N G S.

If you haven't heard yet, Scott&I are going to be having a BABY--
due in August.

To say that we are excited would be an understatement. 
We are truly looking at our baby as a perfect gift from God and there are no words that would describe how we are feeling. 
Answered prayers!
With countless amounts of prayer, Scott&I both agreed that we would start trying for a baby when he got back from his last deployment because we knew the next three years would be steady in Hawaii-- no deployments. 
Thank the Lord!

I had a feeling right before Thanksgiving that I was pregnant, but we were on our way to New York on vacation, so we agreed that I wouldn't test until we got back. We had a blast during our vacation, but come that Monday morning I couldn't wake up fast enough to take a test. Within seconds, two very distinct pink lines showed up. 
I was completely shocked!
So, naturally, I went to the store and bought two more.
Again, within seconds they both told me what I had already known:
I was carrying our precious baby.

To tell Scott the wonderful news, I had a blank puzzle that I wrote on each piece to tell him why I love him. Then I hid the two pieces that told him that he was going to be a Daddy and when he came to the last two pieces, I handed them to him! 
Oh his reaction will forever be in my heart!
To celebrate, I thought I would be funny and I gave him pickles&ice cream. ---He didn't get the joke, which only made it more entertaining for me. 
I wrote this on the back of the puzzle! :)

Fast forward a little bit, we were able to tell all of our family and close friends-- almost all in person, as we were in Utah for a month over Christmas. 
To see everyone's excitement was almost too much to handle. 

Oh, sweet baby of ours, you are so very loved and adored already. 

For those wondering about my pregnancy so far, I haven't really been sick. I will get headaches and nausea, but that's about it. Oh, besides being EXHAUSTED all of the time! But that is going away thanks to almost being in the second trimester. (!!!!!) 
One of the parts that I haven't enjoyed was how much I love eating salads, but since I've been pregnant I can't seem to think about them without feeling nauseous. I really hope that goes away soon so I start to eat salads again. 

I just want to thank everyone for being so excited & supportive during this season for Scott&I. We truly feel blessed to have everyone there for us and to love Baby Cummings so much already! 

{Psalm 139:13}


  1. I'm still excited! So happy for you two/three! Can't wait to visit you all in Hawaii! Love you!

    1. Eeeek! Thank you so much:) I can't wait for you to come here either!! Once we both get all settled in:) Love you!

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Rach! :) Now our babies can be friends!!!! :)


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