Friday, January 10, 2014

December, December...I will always remember. {Two thousand & thirteen}

About a whole month away from blogging...Kinda crazy! But MUCH needed. While Scott was training, Mallow & I treked across country to spend some time in Utah. Two wonderful weeks. The only part that would have made it even better was if my Husband would have been able to come with us. 

Some Highlights:
Mallow enjoyed her first snow. All fifteen inches of it!
Best friend time!
Much needed quality family time.
Christmas tree hunting. 
Sibling dates.
Women bible studies.
My Grandpa's 70th (!!!) birthday party.
Cooking for the fam.
Christmas parties!
Many lunch, coffee, & dinner dates.
Coffee cake & stockings.
 And definitely lots of laughter.

Seriously, going home was my jump start to what is ahead in 2014.

Fast forward past all of the airplane troubles--nine hours on a plane {six just sitting on the slc runway}, then spending the night in Atlanta-- to the welcome home from Scott

I only had twelve hours before packing up again for our trip to Charlotte & the amazing Costa Rica!!!
Family time.
Spontaneous Jazz game.
A drenching wet Saints game.
First flight together.
Airplane troubles, again--missing our flight.
Staying the night in Atlanta.
National park.
Monkeys, sloths, & raccoons.
Gorgeous beaches. 
Cousin time.
Christmas dinner in a WW2 B-52 bomber airplane.
Copious amounts of laughter.
Zip-lining in the rain forest. 
Two different kinds of Tucans.
Repelling down waterfalls, my favorite!
 An amazing home.
Our new Costa Rican cousin.
 Learning Spanish.
Delicious food & yummy drinks.
Deep sea fishing, Scott and I catching dinner.
Snorkeling on Tortuga Island.
Fancy dinner night.
Favorite cousin competition.
Our pet spider Peter Parker.
Breath taking, romantic sunsets. 
Second honeymoon.

We had such a wonderful time and decided that we are eventually moving there. Yup, it's already decided.
Even thought it was amazing to spend Christmas with family, it was a very special Christmas for Scott and I. 

Our first Christmas together, I left for Australia.
Our second Christmas together, he just moved to North Carolina.
 And this year--our first Christmas being married--we were able to spend the whole day together.. in COSTA RICA
Cherished, for forever.
Thank you to my new family for this opportunity! 

Another addition to the list of why this Christmas was being extra cherished is because Scott is soon to deploy. 
Quality time together is the only thing on our minds. 
So if we go MIA, that would be the explanation. 
I need this time with my Husband.

Thank you for reading all of our latest adventures!
Two thousand & fourteen is going to be a challenging year,
making Scott & I stronger.
Much stronger as a couple and individuals.
Will you please pray for us during this time apart, 
and the other couples?! Please and thank you! 
 I am so very excited for Scott, and extremely proud of the man he is. The man who fights for MY freedom. My family's freedom.
Your freedom.
I am also excited for the extra time I will be having with my family & friends in Utah. 
All of the special moments that will be going on.
{Keep tuned, Such exciting moments!}

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