Friday, September 6, 2013


Calling Scott my boyfriend was easy. Calling him fiancé was harder. Scott had been planning to propose for months, so he was used to the idea before I knew what was coming. Right after we got engaged, Scott would introduce me as fiancé and I would get all giddy and blush. 

Calling him HUSBAND, now that is hard to get used to and I love it. I have always wanted to go to college, get married, start a family, live happily ever after. I always wanted to be a young bride. But I never really thought of calling my groom "husband". It always seemed like an old term for people who have been married for forever. 

I seriously get butterflies, blush, and get extremely giddy when I talk about him as my husband. I adore it! And honestly, I don't want to get used to it. 
I want to always get giddy and blush when I talk about my husband. 

Am I the only bride that feels this way?!

Scott, My Husband...
Loves God more than anything
Always loves
Always protects
Always cuddles
Never leaves
Is my bestest friend
Always kisses me goodnight
And kisses me in the morning
Loves my morning hair
Looks sexy in his uniform
Has my whole entire heart
Leads me
Is patient
Kisses me on my forehead
Loves church
Is my Sailor <3
Trusts me
Travels with me
Prays for me
Is my happy
Is the key to my heart
Shares secrets & keeps them
Is my favorite
Eats my dinners
Reminds me of my Daddy
Is my other half
Loves dating me
Strengthens me
Loves me unconditionally
Sends me adorable messages
Will grow old with me
Thinks of me before himself
Gives amazing hugs
Loves my family
Understands me
Encourages me
Great kisser
Sends me flowers
Is a man of God
Will forever be my always
Calls me when he's away
Makes me giggle
Is going to be the best daddy one day
Loves taking pictures with me
Watches all kinds of movies with me
Takes romantic walks with me
Bought me a puppy
Surprises me
Makes up the best stories, ever
Amazing lover
Shares candlelit dinners with me
Cooks with me
Gives me massages
Acts like a little kid with me
Builds blanket forts
Sings on road trips
Tickles me
Never wants to change me
Enjoys my mountains with me
Makes me feel like the most gorgeous girl in the world
Is the main character in my journals
Loves me without makeup, in comfy clothes
Loves me dressed up
Grills dinner
Always holds my hand
Flirts with me
Plays with my hair
Is my comfort zone
Loves all of the nicknames I have for him:
Hubs, Hubby, Loverbug, Love, Cuddlebug, Hubster, Mr. Cummings
Honey, Honeybunchesofoats, Sweetheart
Loves ice cream..almost as much as me
Plays at the beach with me
Leaves me breathless
Comes up with nicknames for me
Cleans the house
Loves me for me
Draws amazing
Knows the Bible
Is an amazing Husband.

Husband is such a strong, very detailed word.
No pressure to keep this up, Honey! ;]

How did I ever live life without Scott?!
I seriously am the most blessed girl in the entire world!
Scott, Thank you for truly being an amazing Husband.
God, Thank you for blessing me with the Husband of my dreams and inventing marriage as a gift to both of us. 

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