Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I vowed...

I vowed to love you through the best of times 
the worst of times...

On our drive home from Maryland in April I felt as if I needed to write all my emotions down...

Yesterday I truly understood more of what living out our marriage vows mean and the effect of Genesis 2:24, "This is why a man leaves his father and mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh." When Scott is broken, I'm broken. 

This week has definitely been the hardest week of our lives, but this, this image of my strong Husband in his dress whites completely heartbroken, saluting his best friend completely shattered my heart and took my breath away. I always knew that this part of being a military wife would someday come, but I've never felt more helpless than that patriotic moment when I had to stand on the sidelines watching him say goodbye to a man he considered more than a brother. And then watching sixty other men in uniform do the exact same thing, over and over again. I've also never felt so proud. 

It's not about the quantity of life, but about the quality. And being around so many people who were touched by Jacob was unexplainable. Jacob's family lost their son and brother, but gained a new family. So many new sons and daughters that will always be there for them. 

Rest easy, Jacob. Your memory will live forever through the hearts of so many, the smile my Husband shows me daily, the stories I will always be happy to hear the millionth time, our future children as they hear their Daddy explain why they should be happy every day because his best friend taught him that. Through the silly faces Scott tries to do that you mastered, through the letters your dad will start sending us, and the memorial that your closest friends will always wear on their wrists. 

We love you and will be seeing you again!
Rest easy, Jacob.

Again, thank you everyone for the prayers during this time&the continued prayers. We very much appreciate each and every one of you!

When we see you again...

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