Monday, July 29, 2013

The Catish is Meowing!

We had another great weekend with my Father-in-law! We spent Saturday in New Bern watching the Dragon boat races, eating on a rooftop restaurant, and learning how to catch crab
Yeah, we will be trying that sometime soon
New Bern is absolutely gorgeous!  

On Sunday, we decided to go fishing with Scott's cousin and his best friend. Best part!? We got to take my baby! We had to stop at Starbucks for our morning coffee [iced white-chocolate, caramel latte of course]. Mallow got spoiled with a 
pup-a-latte, which she eagerly inhaled and left the evidence all over her snout.
Got milk anyone?!
Mallow loooooves getting dirty! I can't imagine
what our little kiddies will look like! 

My catfish!! hahah isn't it the biggest fish you have.evER.SEEN?!
They actually make noises too... so ours were meowing!

Collin took us to the place he has been fishing at. Here are some pictures of the gorgeous scenery. 

Mallow found the only shade around, plus snuggled up to the ice bag.
I have the smartest puppy in the world! 

Puppy on ice! She made sure she was comfortable...and muddy!
The guys! :]

{Probably the best picture Mallow has taken. We love being a little family!}
After fishing we went to Buffalo Wild Wings for dinner, had a blast embarrassing each other.
Then to Rita's for dessert. We laughed soooo much, it was great!
And Rita's also plays K-Love radio, extra bonus! 

Now a little about my family in Utah, minus my hardworking Brother. My family had a fun weekend in Salt Lake. My Mama-in-love made them all dinner! My sister went to a concert with my best friend. 
Then they spent the annual two days at Lagoon. I'm just a litttttle jealous. 

My dad is such a big- little kid. I just love it and it looks like Keni is suffering from it! ;]

Wicked, Wild Mouse, White Roller Coaster, Rocket. {That's for you, Kenzi & Keni Beni}

Ahhhh, I miss my family so much! But I am so glad that they had a great weekend with each other! 
Love and miss you guys! Hope to see you next month!! 

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