Monday, July 1, 2013

A family weekend in Virginia

Last week, Scott and I were getting ready for church when I noticed that I had two missed calls from his mom and sister. You know that gut feeling that something is wrong? I had that. I then told Scott that he probably had missed calls and that he needed to call his mom. His grandfather had passed away. The rest of the week was a blur as Scott worked and we made plans to drive up to Virginia for the funeral and to help his family out. I had just barely met his grandpa at our wedding and then a couple of weeks later when we stopped by his house. We were so blessed to have him there to help celebrate such an amazing day for us [My ring is the ring he gave Scott's grandmother when they were married]. It is such a hard thing for anyone to experience. I remember going through this a few years ago when my grandpa passed away from dumb, stupid cancer. All I could do was feel heartbreak for my new family. 

Here are a few pictures from the weekend. 

Mallow was helping us pack and saw her reflection for the first time! I'm thinking she liked what she saw, because she really is the cutest thing EVER. This was her first road trip and all she did was sleep. In every awkward position possible! Silly puppy dog.


 We discovered how much Mallow loves tall grass, and trying to think she can hide from us! Scott's cousin Kayla loved playing with Mallow and kept calling her "the polar bear". 

We had a relaxing pool day at the house where we were staying. It was much needed and was so much fun to get to know his family better.

Saturday night we had a crab picking night with all of the family and some friends! I have never picked crab, but it sure was a fun social event. I loved where I was sitting--in between Scott and his uncle who would pick the crab and give me some of the meat. And that is how it is done! =]

Such a beautiful place that we live in. The East Coast is so breathtakingly green! On the way home, we stopped for a break and I had to capture this perfect picture of my man and our baby girl. Awe, he's so attractive as a puppy-daddy. When we got home Mallow chased a tree frog into our house. She's so playful and funny, but didn't know what to do once the frog was jumping around.

Although this weekend was so tough, it was good to see Scott's family and spend more time with them. Seeing his mom helped with some of the homesickness and she loved her little grandpuppy! They all discovered new and different things about his Grandpa, like finding a love letter he wrote to his grandma while he was on a ship! So special. I'm so lucky to be a part of such an amazing family! 

*We are going to go back up to Virginia for the 4th and go up to Williamsburg... stay tuned!

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