Monday, July 8, 2013

Fourth of July

Scott and I were so excited to celebrate the Fourth together, we have been limited of the holidays we've been able to celebrate together. This Fourth was such a different experience, I am now a proud Military wife! Freedom has a whole new meaning to me. We decided to spend the weekend up in Virginia with family and tour Williamsburg! 

We were trying to get to the Naval hospital to watch the fireworks, but the traffic was horrible. We ended up watching them at a cemetery. The fireworks were amazing, but the company as the best part! Surrounded by Scott, his aunt, and uncle. All serving in the Navy...So proud of them! 

Driving to Williamsburg!!!

When I was in seventh grade my private school, UBCA, took a field trip to Washington, D.C. It was such a great trip, with all my friends. One of the days, we drove to Williamsburg. I've always remembered it to be the most humid day of the whole trip, but one of the best days! Scott hadn't ever been and I was so excited to create more memories with him. He also loves history, so this was such a great trip!

The governor's palace.
Back then, tobacco was the best way to make a living.

Such a beautiful church, it is still in use today.

One of the things that I remember from our field trip was the Taverns food. Scott and I found the King's Arms Tavern and had a delicious lunch.

I had delicious homemade chicken pot pie. Scott had a beef stroganoff and homemade rootbeer.
We had to try their dessert, peppermint ice cream and pecan pie!

The blacksmiths. This was one of the places my dad and brother loved when we went.
So humid. So hot. Bleh ha

I have a picture like this with Amber and I, so I asked Scott to take a picture with me! I need to find the old one:)

We also went to Jamestown. It was very cool to think this was the very first settlement of the US.

We found Pocahontas!

And John Smith!!

Right as we were leaving we found Bambi and a little water snake!

Mallow stayed behind and was having the time of her life! She was playing with their big dogs, thinking she is their size. She kept attacking them and using them as her chew toy.

Before we headed back on Saturday, we had a pool party with Aunt Kathy and her family. Mallow loves to play in water, but I'm not sure if she's ready to start swimming anytime soon. She sure looks funny being wet though... bless her heart!

Scott and my new favorite road trip treat, yum!

We got home, relaxed, and loved the quality of time together. Sunday we went to church and had an awesome message. The associate pastor has a huge mohawk! Then had a Pirates of the Carribean marathon and ended the night with some reading. Perfect.

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