Monday, July 22, 2013

It all started with a chalk date!

Scott's first week of this training was about to be over and I wanted him to come home to a surprise... A chalk date! 

I was thinking doodle all over our driveway, eat some yummy treats that I made, watch a movie, and cuddle. Perfect right?! Well, when he got home.. the night ended up being a little different, but better than I had planned. 

The yummy peanut butter treats that I made,DeliciousAnd the array of movies we can choose from.  We still had a form of chalk date... we decided to chalk our puppy! I had noticed that the chalk stuck to her hair when she stepped into the picture. So that is what we did, we chalked Mallow!  

My cotton candy puppy! I've always wanted a rainbow dog;]

Hahahah she's the best sport. The best puppy. Just the best!

Saturday my amazing father-in-law came into town and stayed with us! We had so much fun and it was so good to see him. He just got an apartment 3ish hours away from here and they will be here in a month. Family!

We decided to go to Wilmington for dinner. Scott's cousin is also stationed here, so we was able to come with us! Wilmington is seriously one of the best cities I have ever been to. One, it is beautiful. Two, it has amaaaaazing food. and three, movies are always being filmed here! I can't wait until we can go on the tour of the movie sets, especially to see the places where my favorite movie was filmed, A Walk To Remember. It is also a very historic city and around October they have haunted houses. Very, very old haunted houses. I've never been into that, but houses from the 17th century and 18th, I'll give that one a try! 

One of the amazing restaurants. 

Scott is going to take me sailing here one day...[hint, hint Husband!] 

Father-in-law, meeeeeeee, and Hubby. 

Us with Scott's cousin Collin. Yay for people from Utah! 

Scott's dinner for the night. A huge bucket full of all different seafood.

We headed over to Surf City on Sunday and enjoyed the beach. Mallow actually had heaps of fun this time at the ocean! Plus she got extra attention from everyone on the beach and dug all the way to China. Kidding, but really, our puppy can dig!

These boys were having so much fun with their kites, such a great moment captured of a care-free beach day.

The guys taking out my baby to play!

I love my little family, even when covered in sand from
head to...paw! 

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  1. It was a wonderful. I look forward to many more.

    1. I agree! Especially with Mia and Mallow playing!

  2. What a cute story!!! :)favorite thing "kidding but my puppy can dig" ahahaha.

    This is keni again.

    1. Thanks little miss! Hahah I love your favorite part, made me laugh too! Thanks for letting me know it was you!


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