Monday, August 12, 2013

Our Honeymoon>>My dreams!!

I have always dreamed about my wedding, honeymoon, and of course my future Husband. Not planned, just dreamed! 

But all my dreams were surpassed by reality! 
1] I was blessed with Scott. My wonderful, amazing, loving, handsome, sexy, caring, honest, 
God-chosen, (I could go on for forever!) Husband. 

2] My wedding was better than a fairy-tale wedding, seriously. Go watch the video and gasp at the photos. 

3] Our honeymoon had to be re-planned due to Scott's work and moving cross country, but we had the best time together. Jacksonhole and Yellowstone. In the mountains, my favorite place to be! 

So you see, reality definitely surpassed my dreams. 
God knew what was best and knew the desires of my heart!
{Psalm 37:4}
Here are some pictures of our amazing first adventure as Husband and Wife! 

Notice my fancy MRS. shirt and his sexy ring! 
This is the hotel in Jacksonhole that we stayed at! 
Even had a fireplace in the room :]
This was so special to us. My grandparents had given this card to my parents on their honeymoon and told them to open it their first night. My parents then gave it to us and we opened it on our first night! I can't wait until my brother and sister get to experience that! 

Total tourist moment here, but had to!! 
Ps. Another thing that was special about our honeymoon in Jacksonhole and Yellowstone was that my parents honeymooned here! Also, before Scott and I started dating, we went on a church trip to Wyoming. We went to Jacksonhole for a day, and then after that Scott and I started talking. and talking. and talking. ;] So this trip was extra special for us. Along with the fact that this was our last 'Mountain' trip before heading to only beach country. 

THE best ice cream we have ever had. A special vanilla bean mixed with huckleberry. YUM!
Mr. and Mrs. Cummings! 
Grand Tetons. 
Road trip through Yellowstone, gorgeous! 

We got to stay in the old rooms at Old Faithful! So much fun:]

We drove next to these guys for thirty minutes. 
Amazing creatures. 
One of the bears we saw! 
Scott spotted a mom with two cubs earlier. 
Breakfast at Bubba's. 
Thanks for my dad for recommending the coffee, biscuits and gravy. Delicious!

Our honeymoon was fantastic! We couldn't have asked for anything else, well.. maybe more than four days ha. I loved being able to spend time with my husband in the fresh, crisp air. 
Loving and learning more and more of each other. 
It was an absolutely perfect way to begin our marriage. 

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