Monday, October 20, 2014

I have a confession to make...Three months&one day!!!

So, I have a confession to make.
Today has been three months&one day! 
Three months and one day that Scott&I have been together consecutively in the same place. 

What?! And we have been together for three years?! 
{Married for almost a year&a half.}

Remember when I left for Australia? That was after dating my hunk for only three life-changing months. Remember when we were first married and moved to North Carolina? There were only three months together before his training for deployment started. We have never been together, in the same place, for longer than three months.


I can now see why God allowed us to have a long distance relationship. We would never be able to be "us" the way we are if we had been able to be around each other all the time. We wouldn't be as strong. Wouldn't be as tough. Wouldn't be as close. And definitely  wouldn't be as close to God as we are now, individually&together. 

But I am so thankful that we have started this new chapter of our lives that we can have a NORMAL life together. 
One that has a consistent schedule. 
Sunday school&Church on Sunday, my women's bible study on Tuesday, Youth group on Wednesday, Scott's men's bible study on Thursday, and the weekend date nights! 


It definitely has come with it's own struggles, but I absolutely wouldn't change anything. We feel like newly-newlyweds again because we are learning about each other all over again. Learning again how to live together. Learning how to "fight fair". Learning how to combine schedules. Learning how to create a marriage based on God alone. 
And most importantly--understanding God's purpose of marriage isn't to bring happiness, but to better serve for Him as a couple, together.

God: Thank you for being You, the Great I AM, the only Truth, the One who holds the pen to our story. Thank you for being there for us and with us!
Scott: Thank you so much for serving...but I am so thankful that we are now able to be here, in one place, together! 

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  1. This is precious, Kassidi :) Happy Anniversary!


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