Friday, September 5, 2014

How do you know if he is THE one??

How do you know if he is THE one??
How did I know if Scott Cummings was the one for me? The one whom my soul would love. The one God had created just for me. I know that some future, bright day my children will want to know the answer to this amazing, thought-provoking question. 
"How did you know Daddy was the one for you?" And I really want them to know and understand what true love is & how they can have that blessing. 

Was it love at first sight & I just knew?!
Actually, we met my first year of Westminster College without me even remembering. I had started attending his church with a college group and was dating someone at the time. But I did still catch his eye somehow... Little did he know that we would officially meet again two years later and fall madly in love

But let's back up a little before the "fall madly in love" part. Did you know that you can actually fall in love someone that you shouldN'T marry? Marrying just anyone that you can fall in love with isn't the answer. The person you choose to marry will be the second most important decision in your life---first decision is to follow Jesus. Choosing the person you will marry means choosing that person to be beside you every single day of your life, to be your future children's father or mother, to be your best friend for life, to be the one whom you run to for strength and life, to be the one who chases life adventures with you, to be the one who holds you when you are crying and picks up the pieces, to be the one who makes you a better person and loves you unconditionally. Not every single person you can fall in love with is THAT person for you.

So, now you're wondering how did I know for sure Scott was that man for me?

Rewind the clock to early 2011. I was recently single, brokenhearted, in my senior year of college, and looking for a way to find my true self again. I didn't want to run to a guy, I wanted Jesus. So I ran. And with the help of family, friends, & dear mentors, I found what I was looking for. 

Grace, myself, & a deeper love for Jesus. 
I finally understood the true meaning of love, and the way to obtain that true love in marriage. 
Giving the pen of my love story to God, alone, to script it.
 And once I let that sink in, which was not easy, it then became very simple. The next man that becomes my "boyfriend" will be the man I marry. 

Wow, what?!
I didn't want to give away my heart to another man than the man who would become my Husband. {Girls&Guys, if you haven't already given your heart away, save that for your future spouse. I promise you that it will be a true blessing.} So in the meanwhile, I was mentored to write a list of attributes I wanted in a Husband. I was instructed to be picky, be precise, and to not hold back. God knew the desires of my heart, even areas that I didn't know myself. At the beginning of the list I wrote the non-negotiable terms, like trusting, honest, loving, loves God, has a big heart, integrity, etc. After that part, I added the areas that wouldn't haaaaave to be there. Tall, dark, & handsome, etc. {Expect, my Husband is tall, dark, & very handsome.) But you get the point. I also wrote letters to my future husband, and gave them to Scott as part of his wedding present. 

What then? 
I prayed over that list. 
God knew that Scott was out there and he needed my prayer. So at the time I didn't know I was praying a personal prayer for Scott, I just knew I was praying for my "perfect guy" to be out there somewhere. I trusted God to find the guy and when the timing was perfect, to bring us together. {A little ironic because we were both about to leave Utah... God's humor! haha} 

We then officially met in August 2011 at our college bible study, after I watched this tall, dark, & amazingly attractive new guy come through the back yard. {So maybe it was love at first sight..the second time, when our hearts were ready.} I'll be honest, as much as I was attracted to him... I became interested in him when I sat back and watched him talk about our God. He mesmerized me, made me want to just listen to him all night. Which happened a month-ish later when we all went on a retreat in Wyoming, where we spent all night around the campfire doing just that. Talking, listening, and getting to know each other better. On the ride home he asked me to climb Mount Olympus with him (not even as a date.. or so I thought)---a decision that changed my life forever. 

That climb up the mountain was as if God had scripted the entire thing, step by step. Word by word. Wonderful moment by wonderful moment. The whole time telling myself, "I would marry a guy like him." And by the time we reached the top, after climbing and talking for four hours, the date became real. He had set up a picnic for us, turned on some music, and we stared down at beautiful SLC. 

The moment came at sunset. 
Scott romantically suggested that we stop on the way down to watch the sunset. The first time he ever put his arms around me and held me as we watched God's painting come to life, I knew.
I just knew.
God had created Scott Cummings for me, and me alone. All of the attributes I ever dreamed of was wrapped up all in this one man. My future Husband. The man whom my daddy walked me down the aisle toward on May 18th, 2013 in front of all our family and friends. The perfect day and all of the perfect days since. 

How do you know if he is THE one??   
Give God the pen to your love story and he will make that answer very, very clear. 

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