Friday, October 24, 2014

Date to New Bern, NC.

North Carolina is beautiful all year round, 
but I truly wish Autumn was year round. 
All twelve months.

 Am I right?!!?
So pretty! I asked Scott if we could pull over and explore this little gem on our way to New Bern. 
Breathtaking.. until your dog is suddenly afraid of the dock. 
Then laughter breaks that moment!

These are a few October pictures around this amazing church, one of my favorite downtown places of New Bern.

Mallow loved being spoiled in the stores that we went into.
 I told the Husband that if I ever own a store--it will be dog friendly&I will have dog treats to hand out.

YES, that would be THE Nicholas Sparks!
Unfortunately, it was not open. Darn it!

Our future home.
{One day..far far away, but one day!}

I mentioned that NC is beautiful in Autumn. I am quite serious that the cotton fields are my absolute favorite part. 
If it wasn't for it being illegal, I was going to steal some. 
Yes, I admit, I did really want to take some that bad. 
God's own southern decorations, and quite unique if I might add. 

Although we had a blast exploring more of New Bern&all of it's autumn-ness, deep in my heart I wanted to be in my mountains with my family hunting. But because I couldn't be-- Here is a SHOUTOUT to my amazing dad and cousin for finding these two beauts!

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