Monday, October 27, 2014

{Encouraging Monday: Ephesians 2:8-9}

Encouraging Monday:
{Ephesians 2:8-9}

The other day I came across this blog: and I absolutely loved the idea of encouraging others through Bible verses. 
So instead of Wednesday, I want to do Encouraging Mondays
Everyone needs a little extra encouragement on Mondays! (But definitely check out her blog because she is amazing and her designs are so cute!) 

So, for my first ever Encouraging Monday, I bring you Ephesians 2:8-9. These verses are actually very special to me because it was one of the first that I memorized in AWANAS when I was younger and still have it memorized to this day. 

-Grace: A gift we don't deserve. 
-Saved through FAITH!
-Not from yourself.
-GIFT from God.
-Not by works.
-No one can boast.

This passage is so very important to the Christian faith. We can not work towards Heaven, Jesus comes to us. He came to us and died on the cross for ME, for you, for all of us. He took all of our sins on Himself, His perfect self, for all of us. Even if you were the ONLY sinner, Jesus still would have died for you. 
The truest form of love.
For you!
And He offers eternal life to us, a FREE gift!
We can NOT work ourselves to Heaven. 
We are called to do good works BECAUSE we are saved, not doing good works to become saved. 
The reason? Because it's not about us. If we had to work towards Heaven, then we would be able to boast about what we have done and what others haven't done. God eliminates that factor because we are called to glorify Him--not focus on ourselves. 

All you have to do is believe that he is Lord&Savior and ask him to come into your life.

I pray that everyone that reads this becomes a little more encouraged today. Maybe it comes at the right moment, maybe an answer to a prayer. Maybe your life is crazy and you can now breathe because you do NOT have to work yourself to Heaven. 
Jesus has already paid the price for you! Hallelujah!!! 

Ps. You can save the image that I created.
Keep it on your phone, your computer, print it out and hang it where you will be able to read it daily. 

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