Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I danced with Cinderella!

Go ahead, "Ooh & Ahh"!
One of the biggest reasons of why I hate living away from my family is missing big moments.
 I made this big moment.
My baby sister's first prom.
Granted, it's not her junior prom, but this is the prom that I will be here for.
The prom that I got to do her hair & makeup.
The prom that she wore MY prom dress.
The prom where I helped all of her friends.
The prom where I helped with a fancy dinner.
The prom where I got to dance with her & twirl her around.
{Even if she didn't enjoy it as much as I did in high school, she was a great sport as I dolled her up and was all giddy about all of it.}  
She was absolutely breathtaking.
Doing hair & makeup with her friends.
Her gorgeous hair!!
Fluffing the dress.
Posing with Cinderella herself.

{Looks green in this picture, it is definitely turquoise!}

Now before anyone can make fun of me, I was forced to go to help my mom chaperone the prom for an hour. But I did take advantage of it. As my sister and her friends were walking off the dance floor when a slow dance came on, I had to make Cinderella dance! So, I grabbed Kenzi and twirled her around. We shared a lot of laughs as we waltzed around the dance floor together.
Thank you sister for sharing the memories of your first prom with me. I'll cherish them forever!
I love you!!!

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