Monday, April 7, 2014

Eeeeek! Two months & many blessings down!!

Two months down.
EEEEEEEEEEK! {Shouting from the mountain tops}
Seriously--that means we only have six more months of this deployment season. And really, the past two months feel like they have flown by.
It feels like yesterday that I woke up completely heart broken not knowing how I was going to say goodbye to my Husband for eight months. Knowing that I was only going to survive this with God holding me tight throughout the whole thing.
 I want to take this blog post and go over what I have been going through & what the past two months have taught me.
Two months of not living life hand in hand with my Husband.
Two months of not being with my best friend.
Two months of not cuddling.
Two months of barely communicating.
Two months of not seeing each other.
Two months without going to sleep in each other's arms and
two months without waking up to see my Husband's adorable face.
Two months without kisses.
Two months without my Husband holding me.
Two months of lonely nights.
Two months without my partner in crime.
Two months of no dating.
Two months of only laundry for one.
Two months without physical intimacy.
Two months of watching Mallow miss her Daddy.
Two months of not cooking for my Husband.
Two months of missing my own house.
But with all of these "Two months of not"...
I have had a million positive "Two months of..."
Two months of growing closer to God.
Two months of being extra independent.
Two months of writing love letters.
Two months of learning that I can do it.
Two months of butterflies.
Two months of family.
Two months of celebrating birthdays.
Two months of meeting new people.
Two months of adventures.
Two months of learning more about Scott.
Two months of making & sending care packages.
Two months of anticipating his phone calls.
Two months of making every second count.
Two months of trying new things, teaching for the first time.
Two months of only doing laundry for one (such a difference.)
Two months of memorizing Bible verses.
Two months of amazing conversations with people.
Two months of letting things go.
Two months of trusting God, no matter what.
Two months of keeping in touch.
Two months of girl time.
Two months of cuddling Mallow more.
Two months of time with Grandparents.
Two months of dreaming about Scott.
Two months of reading my favorite books over.
Two months recognizing the complete support I have.
Two months of encouragement.
Two months of smiles.
Two months of NOT crying myself to sleep.
Two months of watching myself grow so much stronger.
Two months of best friend time.
Two months looking forward.
Two months of blogging.
Two months of mountains.
Two months of taking in moments & looking at pictures a little longer.
Two months of falling in love all over again.
Two months of fervently praying.
Two months of falling deeper in love.
Two months of being more positive.
Two months of dreaming about the homecoming & our first kiss.
Two months of capturing the little moments.
I could go on and on..
but I think that this post would be the longest post if I did that.
But I just wanted to journal these thoughts down and maybe encourage myself through the process.
This deployment season is just that,
It is going to be over sooner than I think, just like when Autumn suddenly comes and paints the mountains all different colors.
Then I want to look through all of my deployment posts and God will reveal that Scott & I were at the right place at the right moment.
And we will be stronger because of this season!
At first I might have wanted time to go by quicker,
but I am enjoying my time in Utah.
I am enjoying all of the extra time that I have with my family and friends. I am loving that I am able to be here with them. I miss Scott more than I could EVER describe, but I am loving the time that his deployment allows me to spend home away from home {my husband's arms}. I am taking all of this as a blessing, especially being married. It is rare that I am able to spend four months with my family, after moving to the East Coast.
So, thank you the first two months of this deployment season for teaching me so much. I can't wait to see what I learned after the SEVENTH month and my Husband is about to come home!!!!!!
Probably that I have never been so excited to clean, workout, and decorate my house. Haha but seriously.

Thank you everyone who has helped me in one way or another. I don't like asking for help and I am so grateful that I have received it without my asking. So, thank you so much. If you can see someone is hurting and needs your help, don't get caught up in asking.. just find a way to help.
One last thing, thank you for praying for Scott & I. We can definitely feel them and appreciate it if you would continue!
Thank you!!

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  1. This is beautiful, Kassidi and every word of it is true. I am so glad that you are seeing all of these blessings during such a hard season. I have to admit - I have been surprised by how many there are for us, too! Praying the next six are just as blessed, for us all. Keep sharing!


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