Monday, March 10, 2014

Thriving---even though I'm fragile.

I was going to title this post "Surviving", but really... I feel like I am thriving through this deployment. Don't get me wrong, I literally HATE being away from Scott and I would actually love to be able to be married to my Husband AND live with him. And well, it really only has been a month. BUT that means only seven more months to go! {Hopefully not any longer} So I have my "bad" moments, but as a positive person, I can't dwell on those pesky negative thoughts or I would go insane! 

But more on the thriving part, I had a great last couple of weeks in February. Of course it is my birthday month and Scott wasn't here to celebrate it with me [we still haven't been able to celebrate together for one of my birthdays---next year though!!] but my friend Breann came and stayed with me for ten days and we had a blast. We traveled up to Virginia Beach and celebrated my birthday with my second family! They sure do know how to spoil a birthday girl! (They love me WAY more than they love Scott ha) Twenty-three will be an exciting year!

Then we had down time in Jacksonville (showed her a little of how it is being a military wife), traveled to Wilmington, and then Southport. Traveling to Southport was a spur of the moment trip because we found out that is where Safe Haven was filmed and we just HAD to go check it out. We definitely did find most of the big locations in the movie! *insert giddy girls who definitely attracted some greaaaat looks from the locals*

Mallow got into my flowers and got pollen all over. Needless to say, this is how she looked on our trip to Utah!

And now?! Now I am living in Utah for four months, working as a substitute art teacher (K-5th) & loving the time that I am blessed to have with my family and friends. After living outside of Utah on different occasions, I never take advantage of time I am able to spend with everyone in person.

Mallow's first 4-wheeler ride--she absolutely loved it!

It's already been an adjustment, I am fragile, and I am sure going to miss my home and friends in NC {and my Lucee Bug}... But how better to spend the time apart from my Husband than with my loving family!? Exactly.

So--all of my family, friends, & strangers, please keep praying for Scott and I! He is having a great time traveling the different countries, being immersed into the different cultures. He has loved being able to help train the different militaries, but he misses home & would rather be with me in Vernal {Husband points!}. If anyone wants to send care packages, I can definitely let you now his address and I'm sure him and his guys would LOVE to have more care packages sent with love.

Back on the fragile part, this is very true. I'm only strong because God is helping me be strong throughout this deployement, but I am still a wife without her husband. I might need an extra minute to explain myself, a moment to cry on your shoulder, or just a moment to be completely distracted. Thanks again to everyone who is helping me be strong throughout this! 

Here are some of the military pictures Scott & I were able to take before he left, all thanks to Hearts Apart. 
Enjoy--and no crying! 

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  1. Love, love, love the pictures! Have a great time in Utah. We'll be excited when you get back!

  2. Ok how sweet is this post!!!!! I know you're fragile, and it'll be worth it!


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