Tuesday, March 25, 2014

A Jazz win & a shared elevator, Channel 2 News, and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

This past weekend my family headed to Salt Lake City for the weekend.
For Christmas our parents gave us all tickets to a Jazz game, in a suite!
 They served us dinner and dessert as we watched the game. It really was such a blast.
For those of you who did NOT watch the game... we won in the last TWO seconds!
 It was crazy and yes, I am the Jazz fan who is jumping up and down screaming!
And then! And then!!!  As we were waiting for the elevator, I noticed a familiar face inside.
Jerry Sloan.
It took me forever to let my dad know and then we all squished into the elevator.
Breathing in the same air, and my dad did get his handshake!
*I, however, have already met and taken a picture with him on my 19th birthday! My mom and I went to a Jazz game where we had FLOOR seats and a meet & greet with the players.*
My mom was SO EXCITED that her name was at our Suite!

The family with my brother's girlfriend & adorable son.

We shared our Suite with the Tarbells! Here are the sisters!

Looking at all of the people & the big buses.

My Daddy showing Kohen his straw trick.

Ever since I remember, going to Jazz games were precious times for our family. My parents made sure that we all went at least once a year, forever Jazz fans. And normally, after we enjoy the game... we head over to Channel 2 News.
Okay seriously, if you haven't done this.. You are missing out.
As they are filming the news, they are sitting in front of a window. A window in which you can stand behind and be apart of the news!
So... My mom LOVES to go and tells everyone at home to watch us. This trip was probably the most fun we have ever had--- and had about 30 minutes of show time!
{We might have been those three crazy ladies in the background if you were watching on Saturday night} 
My mom, Sister, & I died laughing as we came up with crazy dance moves--stay tuned to that later! And my dad just casually filmed us.... Sorry Scott, embarrassing you from the home front! ;)
No autographs, please.
Oh, oh, oh! Can you see us?!!?
On Sunday, our plan was to go to see the Dead Sea Scrolls.
They truly are amazing and was a once-in-a-life-time experience!
More proof that the Bible is true and accurate.
I love being a Christian!
But really, if you can go--- you need to go! It's incredible and unfortunately, you aren't allowed to take the pictures that I wanted to take.
But one other neat tidbit is that my sister and I both wrote prayers that are going to be taken to an ACTUAL wall of the Jerusalem temple!
And then as our parents were taking forever their sweet time going through the exhibit, my Sister & I headed upstairs to play. They have crazy inventions and things that Disney uses to make their movies. We had a lot of fun there and took some pictures!

Had lunch with my best friend, Amberteen!
I also got new Pandora charms!!

My Mama-in-love gave me a charm for my birthday that didn't fit on my Pandora bracelet,

so I had to go exchange it.
A cute plane because I love to travel.
A letter because of this deployment and all of the other times writing letters were the only communication my Love & I had.
And an awesome pink crystal to add some elegance & color!

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