Monday, March 31, 2014

A shoutout from the Hubby just when I needed it!

A total God thing happened to me this weekend.
Everyone... I'm serious!
Over the past two weeks I have only talked to Scott twice, a total of twenty minutes. And that's like torture for my wife mind & heart. I have a million things I want tell him, including the really important things that I NEED to tell him.
So to say the least, this past two weeks have been hard(er).
I have been trying to be all positive about it, but I just couldn't muster it the last few days. We had some family activities and
 I just missed my Husband and wanted him there.
So then Sunday came and the message my pastor, Mr. Marty, had
God used to really speak to me.
"God is in control."
As Christians, we know that in this life we will have trouble. Jesus tells us that in John 16:33. But the rest of the verse tells us to, "Take heart! For I have overcome this world."
Put simply.. Jesus is awesome! He is our comforter during all of these troubles, and He also tells us to rejoice during our trials. Maybe that is why the flash mob that I was apart of was during church this weekend, Thanks Megan! (check that out on my instagram or facebook!)
One of the parts from Marty's message that stuck out to me this morning was from Acts 12:6-11.
God is in control... "Even when it's midnight (the last minute). It's never too late for God."
I have been praying this past week for God to just let Scott call me, get a hold of me... even if it were for just ten more minutes. I just need to hear his voice and let him know some of the stuff that has been happening on the home front.
BUT GOD did something so much better!
(Mr. Marty-- see what I did there, I used our challenge!)
This morning I woke up with a facebook message that I was tagged in from my Mama-in-love and a call from my Daddy.
Scott is the sailor of the week on his ship!
{a big deal}
There was a little interview & a picture of my hott Hubby!
And he looks amazing and so happy in his picture.
I am extremely proud of him!!!!!!!!!
And another part of this miracle, whoever on the ship that put it on facebook added it at midnight thirty Utah time!

If you look on facebook, of course I shared the whole thing, you can read the interview of what he said and then when asked if there is anything you would like to say to friends and family back home, he answered, "I miss my wife Kassidi, my family, and my dog, Mallow."
*Butterflies! I feel like I just got a telegram*
God did it better than I could have ever thought of.
A shoutout, a picture, & his accomplishments!
One proud Navy wife right here!
Seriously, this week couldn't have started any better!
Thank you Scott for working so hard for our family, living out your dreams, and making me the proudest wife in the entire world!
I love you.
Now let's just hope that he can see my shoutout for him.
A little sad, but good story?
I was trying to show Mallow Scott's picture as I was telling her, "Mallow! Look, it's Daddy!"
She got all excited, but kept going to the door to look for him..
Broke my heart, but I am so glad that Scott mentioned her! 
{Jeremiah 29:11}
 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

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  1. This is precious, Kassidi! I was so excited when I saw it. Praying you get to talk to him soon!

    1. Me too!!! He actually got to call yesterday! They have been super busy working :/ Lame boat life. Miss you girls!


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