Monday, February 17, 2014

Another Day Closer!

"She is clothed with strength & dignity; and she can laugh without the fear of the future." -Proverbs 31:25

Well, if you are counting down with me until Mr. Cummings gets home...then you will now that we are past the O N E week mark!
It's been a week and some days and really, as slow as it had been---it really has been a blur. I finally put away his little messes and did the last bit of his laundry that I didn't want to do because I miss him. I took extra time hanging up his shirts, savoring his smell. Knowing that the only way I was going to do this again is if I wore his clothes to wash them. Which, I'm not going to lie-- I might

I have had so many of my family and friends, even strangers be there for me this past week. I can't even being to explain how thankful I am for each and every one of you! 
My very own care package from Sami!
A Valentines card from Amber+ice cream money!

So I had an idea of re-reading a book series of my favorite author, Karen Kingsbury. It's the Baxter Family Series. My dad gave me the first ten books of the series and my thought was to read them throughout the deployment, or throughout the first month before I went home to Utah. Well, I finished them already. All of them. It definitely helped me to be engaged in the books and to not be caught up in missing Scott 24/8! Now I just have to get the rest of the series at the library to finish them. But if you haven't read them, DO! They are amazing. Okay really, ALL of her books are amazing. Believe me, I've read every single one of them--and some multiple times.   

I also added Costa Rica sand to our collection! 

The highlight of this week was my Valentines Day present. Scott was able to message me!!! BEST VALENTINES DAY PRESENT, EVER. Even though it was only like ten minutes, I hung onto every single word. Here is part of our conversation, I really did marry a sexy dork! I love him so much!! He really makes me laugh, which was VERY needed! Oh! And I finally was able to talk with my parents and sister. They went on a mission trip to Haiti. I can't wait to see all of their pictures and hear all of their amazing stories. Thanks for everyone who was praying for them!

I spent Valentines Day with a few of my friends who's husbands are deployed with Scott. We had an amazing dinner, a movie, and our craft. We made a countdown in weeks until our men are back. It was a lot of fun and made it "look" like the weeks were just going to come and go quickly. *Crossies!* And then when I got home, Mallow had a surprise waiting for me. She had decorated the whole house with "white rose petals". Scott must have told her to surprise me for Vday with flowers... Greaaaat gift, Mallow Moo!    

This week is already much better than last. I went to church with my friend Liza and had lunch with her. She is doing a bible study for the deployed wives and it starts tomorrow! I am so looking forward to it. And then my friend Breann is coming to stay with me until we go back to Utah! We are going to have so much fun exploring NC and Virginia Beach (Staying with my Mama-in-Love).  

I'm hoping everyone enjoyed this little update. The next update will probably be when I am sitting in the living room that I grew up in, listening to the conversation & laughter of all my family! Soaking up every single moment. So until then, will you all pray for Scott to keep him and his guys safe and for all of the traveling that will be going on in the next two weeks. Thank you! :]

Ahhh and just as I was about post this message my doorbell rang. My Sweetheart sent me flowers!! Sailing in the middle of the ocean and he still finds a way to surprise me with a gorgeous bouquet of my favorite flowers! As the smell of roses & lilies fill our home, a bouquet of memories warm my full heart. The end of his card says, "Be home soon", my love for him will only make this eight months seem like a couple of days! I love you, Scott. More than you can ever imagine!!! Baby--another day closer! 

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