Monday, June 24, 2013

Weekend Festivities!

On Friday, we were going to go fishing...but it hasn't been the best weather. So we decided that we would go to dinner and to Monsters University! I was so excited. As we were getting ready, I heard that jingle that only comes from an
ice cream truck! I hurried and found Scott to tell him that I've never experienced an ice cream truck [which coming from my mother and aunt-I have before when I was little], so he grabs me and we start running after it. The lady probably thought we were retarded! But we got our ice cream! Deliciousness. The movie was SO good. It definitely is worth watching and I guarantee you will laugh! I might add that you will absolutely be surrounded by little kids, which is half the fun! I love when the Hubby and I have 'little kids' date!

The rest of our weekend was just hanging out with our little miss! Playing, playing, walking, sleep. Playing, playing, sleep. Sleep, sleep, sleep. But no sleep for mommy and daddy. She's worth it! We gave her her first bath, which she loved hated... But she is so fluffy and adorable. We also took her to the vet, one healthy puppy! 

We also got her dog tag. Scott might be regretting that we got a girl puppy because I am definitely treating her like the princess she is... girl colors and accessories! [I might have even tried to paint her nails,which was working until she starting throwing a fit.] 
Scott and I attended Discovery International Church for the second time this Sunday. We really enjoy the worship and the message, well just the fact of being at church! God is so good and we are lucky to have found a church that has been welcoming and reminds us of our churches back home. We can't wait to jump right into bible studies and be around christian couples!

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