Thursday, June 13, 2013

Twenty-one hundred miles.

After our honeymoon in Jackson Hole, we came home to a U-Haul. It was time to finish packing up and saying our "see you laters". It was such an emotional night. I have such a close-knit family, but it helps to see them all excited for me. For us! 


Anyways, we woke up early Friday morning and set out on our adventure. My daddy in the driver seat, Hubby in the passenger seat, and me in the middle. We had planned to stop at every state sign, but little did we know a lot of the states we went through didn't have signs. LAME! Everything went smooth until we got to Kansas, a tire exploded. Quickly got that fixed by the closest town and was on our way again. We wanted to make the most of our days and drive the most miles we could. The first night we stayed in Kansas City and the next was in West Virginia, where we made some memories of getting lost at one in the am. Good thing for Scott's smart phone and his gps , "Veronica". We also celebrated my dad's birthday!!

We drove across the border of North Carolina on Sunday afternoon and went straight to the base. My mom's flight had been cancelled and she luckily caught the last seat on a flight to Texas, but wouldn't be there till later that night. So we got everything squared away and headed to our housie!!! I was so excited, my man did such a good job at getting us a house. It's perfect, our first home! 

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