Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One month down, 50+ years to go!

          I had a little fun when I was trying to think of how to celebrate our first month anniversary. Surprise nerf gun fight. YES! 
So when Scott came home, this is what he found!  

Of course, I won. ;] I kinda cheated, I was the one hiding and he had to come find me. I was hiding behind the curtain in the shower and when he opened the bathroom door, I wasn't looking where I was aiming and hit him straight in the eye. Needless to say, the game paused for a little bit...then it was on again! It ended in a draw, in which I still won! :]

Then we planned a romantic, candlelit dinner and a movie.
 Awe, pure marriage bliss. 

I can't believe that it's already been a month since I walked down the aisle to promise my life to Scott Adam Cummings. THE bestest day in my entire life! I wish I could re-live that perfect day over and over and over again

I asked Scott to give me five reasons why he loves being married so far and this is what he came up with:
1] I love coming home more than anything. Getting out of the stress and being loved makes life worth living for.
2] Waking up next to my best friend everyday gives a little excitement needed to open some sleepy eyes.
3] I love cooking with my wife. If that's all we do that night it's still relaxing and enjoyable.
4] I love getting to know her. Not being afraid to tell each other anything. The trust factor stays strong and growing.
5] I get to spend time with my best friend daily. That's the most rewarding part of being married for me. Even as a baby to the marriage thing, I love that we still have that relationship and vowed to not let that deminish.

My reaons?!
1] I get to experience moment after moment with my best friend. Something that often gets taken for granted, but Scott and I know how it is to be away from each other. That blur of distance made us such a strong couple and strengthened our relationships with God. 
2] One word: CUDDLES! I absolutely love being held by Scott. I used to crave being held by his strong arms while we were apart, and now I get it! 
3] We love to spoil each other. Whether it be waiting by the door every single day to greet him with kisses and hugs, date nights, making cookies, bringing home flowers for no other reason than "You're my wife". I think we want to express that even more because we couldn't for so long. 
4] Making me not want him to leave in the mornings, and making him want to rush home after work. 
5] Being a family together. We are both family people, which is hard being so far away from Utah. Scott and I have to rely on each other more because we are the only family we have right next to us. Although it's hard, it is such a blessing in disguise for Scott and I!

One month down with a lifetime of love ahead of us!

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