Monday, November 25, 2013

Six wonderful months & an enchanting Military Ball

Scott & my thankful tree for this November! 
I still can't believe that I have been Mrs. Scott Cummings for six wonderful months
Married to my best friend, the love of my life.
Honestly-- a dream come true. 
It definitely hasn't all been perfect without any flaws, marriage is such a learning experience. Plus you add in being a military couple, that adds in a whole different aspect to it. We have to learn how to mesh two lives together, and sometimes we have to do that apart. And that's only been his training so far. 
In a few months, it will be a deployment of 6+ months. Ugh. 
But you know what?! It's worth it. God has been there with us through everything, in the center. 
The military life is NOT for just anyone. It absolutely isn't for the weak. I had one of my friends be my mentor during Scott and my whole relationship and she told me all that goes into a military marriage.
The good, the bad, & the ugly.
But she also told me all of the romantic-ness of it all. 
And well, I am a hopeless romantic at heart. 
Waiting for him, learning more about him, learning more about myself, writing letters, writing emails, praying for each other, homecomings, first kisses, tight hugs. 
It's very hard, don't get me wrong.. but I LOVE IT! We have the best support out there and we are loving living in completely different places. It's been such an adventure so far, and the best part?! 
It's {only} been six months! 
We have a life time together and we've only experienced six months of it so far. I can't wait to read this post in a few years and remind myself of the beginning. Where it all began. Where we took on this life adventure together as Husband & Wife. Hand in hand. Where we started in North Carolina and are hopefully somewhere fresh and new. Maybe even a little one on the way. {maybe ha}  
So for now, here's to six months of being Scott's AMAZING wife! ;]

Here's a picture of our anniversary dinner. 
Homemade chicken noodle soup with my attempt at making heart-shaped carrots... with a little hiccup of cutting my finger :/ No big deal, I only almost passed out and had to sit down with my head between my knees for a while. 

I just have to share something that made the Hubs & I laugh so hard last night as we were going to bed. Throughout our relationship he has told me some fun bedtime stories, and if they are texts I have saved them. So we were looking through my notes in my Iphone to find the stories I have saved and came across these: Funny Groom Sayings.
During our engagement, my groom was absolutely clueless great! ha There were times that I just HAD to document the funny things he had said. Here are a FEW:

"Can we have a mechanical bull at the reception?"

"Can we get married in swim suits?"

Him: "So, I don't know how this wedding stuff works.. but at my cousins wedding, she had purple dresses and then the guys' vests were purple. Can we have like a light purple or something?"
Me: "Uhm.. No babe, ha they match the dresses. My girls' dresses are turquoise, so they will be turquoise."

And the one that we died {again} to...
Him: "Why didn't we just elope?! This planning stuff is stressful!"
Me: "Uh Babe... What planning are you doing?!"
Him: "Exactly! I'm not even doing any of it and it's stressing me out!"

Hahah men.

Our first Military Ball was this last weekend, happy birthday to the Marine Corps! It was such an exciting night. 
The Ball was in Wilmington, one of our favorite places. 
There were thousands of couples and everyone looked stunning. Especially all of the men in uniform! 
{Luckily, mine stood out in his handsome Navy uniform!}
We brought Mallow and we had a great next morning spoiling her all around town. Wilmington is known for their dog-loving nature. 

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