Thursday, July 28, 2016

Just the two of us.

Tomorrow marks my 38th week of pregnancy. 


It seems like it was just yesterday that Scott&I arrived home from a beautiful trip to New York City only to find out about our little miracle forming in my womb. 
And now, after a move to Hawaii & a million new memories--
She is about to make her grand appearance any day now. 

This season for S&I has been amazing. 
I've truly had a great pregnancy and we've grown so much closer as a couple, praise God! 
But as time is dwindling down to Baby H's appearance, I can't help but feel a little saddened at the fact that it will no longer be the two of us ever again. 
I was telling him the other night that I wish I could just know the day she was coming, so I could know beforehand our last moments of just us.

Our last morning of staying in bed&cuddling until we want to get up.
Our last date.
Our last night to stay up late watching movies.
Our last lazy Saturday.
Our last drive to church. 
Our last time to make dinner together.
Our last day of just us. 
Just so I could hold on to each moment a little tighter.

And that got me thinking. 
When and what were my parents' "lasts"? 
Many of you don't know this, but another reason I have cherished this season of pregnancy is the fact that I will be becoming a Mommy at the age of twenty five.
Why is this fact cherished? 
Because my own Mother was twenty five when she became a Mommy to me.
I was her miracle forming in her womb when her and my dad were 
"just them".
And I feel like I have been given the rare opportunity to catch a glimpse of what my parents were like when it was just them.

The pure joy from when my Mom first found out she was
pregnant with me.
The butterflies she must have felt telling her husband he was going to be a Daddy.
The excitement of that first ultrasound&seeing me as their
little jellybean. 
Hearing my heartbeat for the first time.
Celebrating the news with all their family and friends.
When she first felt my flutterings
&then giggling when my Dad first felt me.
When she looked into the mirror at her changing body, proud of the miraculous process going on inside of her.
And my Dad telling her she'd never been more beautiful.
Sitting on their couch watching her stomach move as I showed them how much I loved hearing their voices. 
And those times when I had the hiccups.
My Daddy talking to me through her stomach before falling asleep.
Sitting in my nursery, dreaming about their new life. 
Wondering when I was going to make my grand appearance & getting ready in every way they could. 
And finally, cherishing their lasts as a couple before children.

I know that when Baby H arrives, life will never be like it was before our children--
when it was just the two of us.
And quite frankly, I don't even know what that looks like yet.
But I do know how much I love my parents&the childhood they gave us,
the kind that was full of laughter&adventure.

And I am over-the-moon excited to give that life to our children, 
Just the two of us. 


  1. This is precious, Kassidi. Keep savoring every moment :)

  2. This is so beautiful! I hope you're able to savor the end of this season, and I know you two will be great parents when the time comes!


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