Wednesday, June 17, 2015

It only gets better with age.

One reoccurring lesson that I keep learning from my 
Grandma&Bompa is this:

It only gets better with age. 

The week my grandparents visited was completely amazing 
and worth a million lasting memories---
a couples trip that Scott and I will never forget. 
One week, five different cities.
 We learned so much about my Grandpa and Grandma, 
from stories told and just by observation. 
They are the most kind, generous, humble, and loving couple I know. 
Making friends and lasting impressions wherever they go.

Thank you Bompa&Grandma for gracing us with your presence and filling our home and hearts with your love! 
Thank you for constantly spoiling my baby dog. 
Thank you for being such a great example to Scott and I! 
Thank you for exploring new places with us 
and laughing hysterically. 
Thank you for just being so great! 

Tryon Palace. New Bern.
Feeding the goats at Mike's Farm.
Showing Bompa the tractor graveyard.

Horse carriage tour.

We all LOVE desserts way too much.

"Best shrimp&grits."

They had to document this moment when I ordered sea food for dinner.
The gorgeous Boone Hall Plantation.

This is the lake where Allie&Noah jump in!

And this is where Ryan Reynolds&Blake Lively were married.
This is where Noah eats dinner with Allie's family in their backyard.

The Angle Tree.

My dream home!!!
Margaritaville. Myrtle Beach.

They love the beach.

There you have it,
It only gets better with age.

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  1. I love all the pictures... how blessed to realize the truth that it does get better with age.. :) Thanks for sharing!!


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