Wednesday, December 31, 2014

God, Thank you for 2014.

Two thousand & fourteen.

The year that I was definitely not looking forward to,
 the year that I was dreading.
The year that the military would take my Husband away from me on a long deployment. 
The year that I thought would be so lonely and sad.
 Definitely sad.

I remember coming back from our Christmas trip to Costa Rica last year dreading December 31, 2013---
knowing that the new year was fast approaching.
Knowing that all I wanted to do was keep on making memories as newlyweds.
But the clock kept ticking, the hours kept changing. 
And then the night where everyone watched the ball drop, Scott and I went to bed early.  

January 2014 was amazing.
The budget completely out the window, money not an issue.
I didn't want to waste any time with my Husband, constantly thinking of new memories to make. 
We went on dates, cuddled on the couch, talked for hours.
Celebrated his birthday in Myrtle Beach, baked him a delicious cake. All knowing that the time was passing by us, and quite honestly, faster than I even imagined.  

And then, February arrived. 
If anyone knows me--I am a HUGE birthday girl. 
I love everything about February, especially since it has Valentines Day&my birthday in the same month. 
I love the countdown.
I love being spoiled during this month. I love the surprises. 
I love that it's a month about love and laughter.
But this February was different.
This February meant something I wasn't ready to experience. 
This February meant love, tears, & heartbreak.
H E A P S of heartbreak.
This February meant my sweet Husband was leaving me.
There wasn't a countdown to my birthday, there was a countdown to the day I had to drop him off. Then the countdown to the approximate time he'd be back.
That cold, February day was marked by tears, lasts, & longing.

But do you want to know the beauty that came from that awful day? Family and friends came to me, showering me with love and prayers.
There were a lot of firsts, dimming the sadness of the lasts.
God created beauty out of the year that I had thought was going to be dark and lonely. 
God helped me become more independent, 
helped me be where I need to be, and reminded me each and every day that I was definitely NOT alone.

After a few adventures&new friendships, I headed to Utah in March.
This time was colored with family, new opportunities,
and some MUCH needed hugs.
I worked as a substitute teacher while I was in Utah and fell in love with teaching elemantary kids. I was able to give my sister a sweet sixteenth party, and send her off to prom in my prom dress. Spend time with my best friends, and send one of them off to her adventure in Thailand.  Was able to celebrate my Daddy's fiftieth birthday and shower him with love. I was able to have many mommy-daughter dates. I was able to spend time with my brother and get to know his now beautiful wife and adorable son. Made many memories with my Grandparents. Was able to spend time with my Grandma B, and be with my family when she passed away. I was able to spend time on my mountains and take in every thing around me. I was finally able to have the girls nights I was craving. Helped my Mom and her friend with their girls bible study and hang out with the crazy youth group. Was able to be a bridesmaid to my bestie Allyson, when she committed her life to her beloved AND join the wifey club! I was able to go on our family river trip to celebrate my Grandparents' FIFTIETH YEAR anniversary. I was also blessed to be able to be a sponsor at CIY with the youth group and spend quality time with my sister.  

When July came around, I had a million new lasting memories of the past four months. But the adventures didn't stop there. My sister flew back to North Carolina to stay with me for a month, to help the time without Scott fly by. But little did we know, the exact same time Scott was being told that he was going to be sent home from his deployment early due to his back injury. So literally three days after my sister and I landed, we headed back to the airport to pick up the sweet, handsome Husband I missed with every single breath. The month that was supposed to be just with my sister, turned into some major bonding time with my sister, Scott, & I. We went to Virginia to surprise his Mama, had a blast in Wilmington, New Bern, &Myrtle Beach, SC, and explored South Port. When it was time to send my sister back, we were in Raleigh making last minute memories before we were in the airport saying our "see you laters."  

August-now... has continued to be an adventure of learning more about each other, reintegration, &taking in the little moments that last a lifetime. Between staying home, our favorite trips to Wilmington, Greensboro with family, Charlotte football games, our perfect trip to Asheville and the Biltmore house--It was definitely time that I got blessed with Scott, since he came home early.

Our trip to Utah felt actually like a vacation and not just a trip home. Family, work, memories, our mountains, Thanksgiving, early Christmas, Holly Days, double dates, my Brother's WEDDING. Much needed time with my family, especially since Scott hadn't been home since our wedding in 2013. 

The rest of December was full of Christmas magic. Scott&I found our FIRST Christmas tree and all of our ornaments. We spent a whole day dancing around the house as we decorated everything and hung our lights. Winter WonderlandThen we celebrated Jesus' birthday with Scott's mama and sister in Virginia and had a really good time. Scott and I have been blessed by being able to spend Christmas together since we have been married, and I definitely know not to take it for granted. 

So, as I look back to myself when 2013 was ending I had no idea of the miracles 2014 would unfold. 
   I had no idea that there would be many first, with what I thought would only be lasts. 
I had no idea that God would use me to touch people's lives through this season of my life.
I had no idea that when I imagined 2014, I only imagined tears and not the laughter that helped paint each and every day. 
 Thank you, God, for teaching me so many things through this year.
Thank you, God, for being with Scott&sending him home safe and sound.
Thank you, God, for helping me understand that I was never alone.
Thank you, God, for sending my family&friends to cover me with love, laughter, and prayers.
God, thank you for 2014. 
Without the hesitation that I had last year, 
BRING ON 2015.

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