Thursday, October 24, 2013

One of the best weeks in North Carolina!

Well here it is everyone, the post about one of my favorite weeks here in North Carolina.

I was so excited when my mom decided to plan a girls trip to see me [all but my aunt..but she's too good for us and hunted in Montana instead haha Love you Taffy!] But it was so much fun to have a count down with my mom & help plan all of the fun things we wanted to do.
So here are pictures of our adventures!  

Keni, Kenz, Grandma, & Mummy Dearest leaving Utah.

First things first, BEACH TRIP! After we went to church, we just had to go put our toes in the sand and wade in the ocean.

 Mommy hugs, THE best.


 The Mr. kissing his Mrs.

 Mallow moo, soaked.

 The first rain storm that we got caught in!

 {Notice all the girls standing the same!}

Vineyards & Mountains.

We helped rescue a baby sea turtle!!

Mikes Farm, Hayride, & the pumpkin patch.

We had a littttttle fun! But no, we are not expecting. 
{Well, I'M not...Scott ha} 

Early birthday to Mummy, late birthday to Grandma, 
& can you spot Keni?!

Second rain storm, driving in Lucee! :/

We had a great girls night. Nails, girl talk, & had my dad tell us a bedtime story on the phone!

Ritas. Delicious!

I definitely needed a visit from my family and loved every moment! Even the chaotic moments, realizing each moment was a blessing. I thank my family for coming to visit and also my loving Husband for letting five girls be in his house for a week. One lucky man! 
I love you guys! Now only a month & a half till I come visit!

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