Tuesday, March 17, 2015

S E V E N T E E N.

Happy GOLDEN birthday to my baby sister!
S E V E N T E E N.
Seriously, how is that even possible.
My baby sister is growing up&I can't do anything about it but smile at the way she is growing into such a godly young woman.
For her golden birthday I told her I was going write seventeen reasons why I love her or what I love about her...
So enjoy these reasons Kenzi---YOU are AMAZING!
Oh, and the adorable pictures of us from the last few years.

1} I love having you as my little sister. 
I love teaching you the little & big. 
I love having a "mini me". 
I love that you are growing up to be one of my best friends.

2. I love the way you love Jesus.
You are such a gorgeous young woman that loves living out God's word. You have amazing friends that you have grown up with and they are such an encouragement to your faith walk. 
I love hearing you talk about the serious matters, and giggle because you don't care about what normal teenagers care about.

3) I love your natural beauty. 
From day one, being a seven year old sister, 
I have always thought you were flawless.
 You, my dear, are so beautiful. 
Your natural beauty is only emphasized by your inner beauty.

4- I love the way you look up to me.
I love having a little sister watching me, learning from me.
It makes me a better person, for you.  

5] I love helping you experiences your firsts. 
I love being the one who can help you experience the joys in this life, but also be the one there for the heartaches. 

6} I LOVE our sleepovers.
The end.

7- I love that when I have blonde hair, we are blonde and brunette partners in crime.
I love that when I have dark hair, we definitely look related.

8| I have loved being able to share clothes finally.
You have such a cute style, half thanks to meh... ;)
It's always fun to swap outfits and shoes!

9] I love how much you and Scott love each other.
I love you being his younger sister, and you having another big brother. I love the silly relationship that you guys have!

10> I love that we are getting to the ages of being able to share friends. Most of the time. Hahaha.

11. I love that I was able to help name you.
More like I really did name you.
Thanks Mom&Dad for taking a seven year old's suggestion and naming my sweet baby sister MaKenzi! 

12| I love that you were my Maid of Honor.
I love how excited you were for me.
I love how you shared the experience with me.
I love that you were able to stand right next to me on my special day and I can't wait to repay the favor... MANY years from now!;)

13) I love that you love adventures.
Whether it be your spring breaks with me at college, spending summers together, Sno Biz, hanging out with my friends, Lucee drives, our Pirates of the Caribbean marathons&our Pirate dinner in Myrtle Beach, and the many more to come. 

14- I love your simplicity. 
Our mother probably loves it even more because her older daughter was not very simple. But the beauty of being opposites, is that I can learn from you as well! 

15\ I love our Cafè Rio & Sno Biz dates! 
I love our traditions and our sister dates.
Moments that will forever be cherished.

16. I love being an aunt with you.
It has been such a fun experience to share loving our Kohen Bug together. That boy definitely has crazy loving aunts.. Skye Lee included! 

17] I have loved watching you grow up.
I loved having a baby sister, probably playing with you as a doll.
I loved having you a little older and probably bossing you around.
I loved having you turn a teenager, being able to teach you 'the ropes'. 
I loved having you turn fifteen&sixteen to help you learn how to drive and actually being able to have you drive me around for a change.
I have loved the high school experience with you so far.
And now having you turn seventeen, I love that you are growing up to be such an amazing young lady. 
Someone who I look up to, learn from, and call a best friend.
Someone that travels with me, trusts me with secrets, and goes along with my crazy ideas.

I have loved you your whole life---
and I can say that I have never been so proud of you! 
I love you, Sister Sue, to Heaven and back!!


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