Thursday, February 26, 2015

Beauty from Ashes. {Part 3:Orphanages}

One of the biggest highlights of my mission trip to Haiti were the orphanages. We went to three: Hope House, Whole Hearted, & CAD. 
These children all have sweet spirits and a loving presence, you definitely knew you were in a holy place when you went through their gates. 

God calls us to love and take care of the orphans of the world, and quite honestly, loving these children is one of the biggest blessings I have ever encountered! 
We were able to spend time with the kids that my parents sponsor and I truly fell in love with my Haitian sisters!

Whole Hearted Orphanage.
My parents sponsor Narlene (who has such a sad story from birth till four years old), but Magdala is her best friend. So if my parents send a gift for Narlene, Magdala gets one too! Scott and I are actually going to start sponsoring Magdala and we are so thrilled to love this little girl.. and her best friend;)

We were invited for a movie&popcorn night and I was SO excited!
 We got to spend more time with them, all while doing such a "normal" thing. 
We watched Airbud, and even though most of the kids are not fluent in English, they laughed and giggled throughout the whole movie! 

Tina and I were taught an awesome clapping game! 
We totally rocked it;)

Hope House.

My parents sponsor these two girls and we were able to share the love with them while we were there. 
Hope House is an amazing place! When we first arrived, they sang for us and you could just feel the love of God there. 
They also wanted to pray for US while we were there!  

Hope House also tries to help the community by selling their chicken eggs and plants. Their goal is to help the community sustain better by working together: growing food, buying that food, and selling more starts. 


This is sweet Mott. My church here in NC sent money with me and we are trying to see if we can help Mott with her eyes. She might need more than Haiti can provide for her if she needs surgery, but if we can get her the best doctor appointments we might be able to help! Prayers for this, please.

Haiti, you will forever hold a piece of my heart. 

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